Water Department

The Water Department consists of four employees.

Employee’s have their DS3 Water License

Equipment includes two backhoes (one John Deere and one Cat), two dump trucks and three service trucks.

The City’s water supply is run by five wells; four of which have back-up generators.  We have five sampling stations where bacteria samples are taken twice per month.  Chlorine and fluoride are closely monitored by our qualified workers.  Our wells pump from 400-700 gallons of water per minute.  On an average day, they pump 1,500,000 gallons of water.

We have three storage tanks that are always full.  Keeping them full gives the City its water pressure.  We have one tank that holds 200,000 gallons; one tank holds 250,000; and the third holds one million gallons of water.

We have 681 fire hydrants and 1,159 valves.  We flush 53 fire hydrants per month and all valves and fire hydrants are exercised once per year.  With 80 miles of water lines throughout the City, we always do our best to keep the water running correctly.