Training Policies and Procedures:

Requirements to be a volunteer are:

o   18 yrs of age

o   Pass background check and drug/alcohol screening

o   Score a 4.0 or greater on the physical capacity test

o   Possess a valid operator’s license and have automobile insurance

o   Be able to perform the normal functions expected of a firefighter

o   Possess a high school diploma or a GED
Requirements for a full-time position

o   MO Firefighter I & II certification

o   AT LEAST emergency medical responder certification

o   Pass the physical firefighter screening test with a minimum score

o   All the requirements listed for volunteers above

  • ALL members must pass NIMS 700, 800, 100, 200.  Captains must add NIMS 300, and White Hats (Chief Officers) add NIMS 400.
  • ALL members must pass a CEVO defensive driving class or you will not be allowed to drive departmental vehicles.
  • All members are strongly encouraged to attend and get certified to the firefighter II level.
  • Captains and above are required to be at least Instructor I and Officer I;  White Hats (Chief Officers) must have Officer II.
  • Training is performed weekly on Thursday nights for all members including Explorers covering medical response and all firefighting skills.


We welcome volunteers who can meet the standards to become a member of our department.  Persons interested in joining our team, are encouraged to fill out an application.