Permitting & Inspections

A building permit is required prior to erection, construction or reconstruction of any building or structure or any structural alteration of an existing building or structure within the City of Bolivar.

Permitting Procedure:

All permit applicants must complete a permit application and submit it to the Building Department.  All processed permits are available for pick up in the Zoning Department office and paid for in the Water Department.

Bldg Perm App_Residential (1)

Bldg Perm App_Commercial (3)

The following lists additional permitting requirements:

Commercial Construction

In addition to the permit application, the City of Bolivar requires all commercial construction applicants to submit 3 wet-sealed sets of construction documents prepared by a State of Missouri registered architect and/or engineer for the construction performed.  This includes all new, remodels, additions and infill commercial construction.  The review staff allows a maximum 2 weeks for document review.  Once the documents are approved a permit will be issued and construction will be allowed to commence.

Residential Construction

Residential permit applicants are not required to submit construction documents; however, all construction must comply with the adopted building codes.  If any drawings are prepared, they may be submitted to inform the Building Department of the intended construction.  Assuming a residential permit application is approved, the residential permit will be issued 24 hours following submission.

Other Construction

Building permits are also required for all signs (except temporary ground signs located in residential districts), fences, pools, accessory structures, sheds, garages and driveway aprons.  Construction documents or shop drawings prepared by either an architect, engineer or sign contractor are required to be submitted with all permanent sign permit applications.  If the permit application and applicable submissions are approved, a permit will be issued 24 hours following submission


Inspections are required for all permits issued by the Building Department.  To schedule an inspection, contact the Building Inspector a minimum 24 hours in advance.  Please provide the following information when scheduling an inspection:  permit number, address and type of inspection.

The following inspections are required for all commercial and residential construction:

  • Footings
  • Foundation/Basement Walls
  • Framing
  • MEP Rough-In*
  • Gas
  • Insulation
  • Sewer Service
  • Water Service
  • Electric Service
  • Driveway Apron
  • Final

* MEP rough-in inspections may be performed separately at the contractor’s request, or they may be done in conjunction with the framing inspection.