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Fire Department
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Job Opportunity

Fire Chief job opening: ·         Full-time position in a combination career and volunteer department with a staff of 16. ·         A combination of education that would provide the required knowledge and abilities for the Fire Chief position includes: Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college, MBA or MPA preferred; ten years experience in Fire and Emergency Medical Services work; five years experience as a Battalion Chief Officer level or above in a combination or a career department. ·         Licensing and Certifications required are Fire Fighter II, Fire Officer II, Fire Instructor I, and EMT-B certified; valid Missouri Driver’s License and must remain insurable under the City’s liability insurance policy. ·         Executive Fire Office and Chief Fire Officer Certifications are preferred. ·         Salary depends on qualifications. ·         Applicants may apply at or in person at Bolivar City Hall, 345…
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Crisis Intervention Team

Polk County Area Crisis Intervention Team Mission Statement: “We are dedicated to serving individuals who are mentally ill, developmentally disabled or experiencing trauma by dispatching trained officers who partner with community agencies to resolve the situation in a manner that supports the well-being of all.” Here is a closer look at Crisis Intervention  
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