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City Administrator Duties and Responsibilities

As a City of the Fourth Class, described in Section 79 of the Missouri Revised Codes, the city administrator functions as the chief administrative assistant to the mayor. The city administrator is appointed by the mayor and approved by the board of aldermen.

Duties of the city administrator are prescribed by ordinance and include serving as the chief purchasing agent, budget officer, personnel officer and liaison officer.  The administrator aids the board of aldermen in the formulation of City policy, prepares the board agenda on behalf of the mayor, works with City boards and committees and other duties prescribed by the mayor and board of aldermen. The administrator has responsibility for all real and personal property of the City, sets administrative rule and regulations, coordinates the work of all departments, investigates the affairs of the City, and implements City policies.  At no time do the duties of the city administrator supersede action by the mayor and board of aldermen or the board of public works.

City Administrator – Thomas Relford

Thomas Relford has been the City of Bolivar City Administrator since March 2023. He worked for the FBI for 25 years before retiring as the Special Agent in Charge of the Albany, New York, Field Office in 2021. In that role, he oversaw the field office’s daily investigation, tactical and administration operations. He also served as a liaison to other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Throughout his career, he worked in locations across the nation, including Kansas City, Washington, D.C., New Orleans and Baton Rouge. He also spent five years as a Legal Attaché in Dakar, Senegal, and Nairobi, Kenya.

Relford and his wife, who both grew up in Missouri and attended the University of Missouri, returned to their home state following his retirement. They have been married since 1992 and have three adult children and two grandkids.


Mayor – Chris Warwick

Finance Director – Natalie Scrivner

Natalie Scrivner grew up in nearby Springfield and moved to Cedar County in 1998 with her husband Greg to start a family business, which continues today in seed processing, whole sales, internet sales and raising cattle. They have two married daughters, one daughter in college, three granddaughters and one step grandson.

Natalie started working as the city clerk in Stockton in 1996. She has obtained her certification as a Missouri Professional City Clerk from Missouri State University, a Master Professional City Clerk from the International Institute of Municipal Clerks, has her Certified Court Administrator from Missouri Columbia University, and has served on numerous boards in her career. The board of aldermen created the position of finance officer, which Natalie accepted, in May 2018.

Natalie has over 22 years of experience in local government, with USDA, CDBG, FEMA and SEMA grant administration. She has extensive experience in disaster recovery from the 2003 tornado that hit Stockton and held an insurance license for over 15 years.

Natalie started her tenure with the City of Bolivar in June 2013.

Police Chief – Mark Webb

Chief Mark Webb is a lifelong Missourian. He and his wife Cherrie live in Strafford. He has two grown daughters Tara and Tiffany.

Chief Webb holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Criminology. He started his career as a cadet in 1974 in Springfield, Missouri, and he retired as a Lieutenant after 28 years of service with the Springfield Police Department. He moved on to become the Police Chief in Marionville where he helped combine the Marionville and Aurora departments, where he became Deputy Police Chief. After 2 years of service at the Marionville/Aurora Police Department, he moved to Bolivar and assumed the position of Police Chief on July 9, 2013. He has worked hard to upgrade the department’s investigations, training and fleet. Chief Webb is committed to protecting our most vulnerable citizens: women, children, seniors and those who suffer from mental illnesses. Chief Webb has served as an officer of the law for 40 years and has proven himself to be a servant of the people.

Fire Chief – Brent Watkins

Brent Watkins has served as the Fire Chief for the City of Bolivar since September 1, 2019. Brent began his career as a volunteer firefighter for the City of Bolivar in 1999. He was hired as Deputy Chief in 2012 and also serves the City in the role of Emergency Management Director since that time.


Board of Aldermen

Bolivar has a Mayor-Board of Aldermen form of government with a mayor and eight aldermen.  The mayor is elected to a three year term; the aldermen to two year terms. There is a municipal election the first Tuesday of April at which City officials are elected. The City is divided into four wards with two aldermen representing each ward. Each year four aldermen, one from each ward, are up for election.

Aldermen – Ward 1

Ethel Mae Tennis

Steve Skopec


Aldermen – Ward 2

Justin Ballard

Dusty Ross


Aldermen – Ward 3

Steve Sagaser

Ashley Raines

Aldermen – Ward 4

Alexis Neal

Brian Wilson