2010 Comprehensive Plan

In 1969 shortly after the first Planning & Zoning Department began work in Bolivar, the first City Comprehensive Plan was adopted.  The Comprehensive Plan was updated twice in 1980 and 1984.  However, in 2006 city staff and officials recognized the need for another update.  Not only did the City identify the statutory responsibility as described in the State of Missouri Revised Statutes, it also recognized dramatic population change since the last Plan update and many other city changes.  This led to an update process which included coordinated planning between city staff, city officials and citizens based on land use and goals assessment.  In April of 2010, the City of Bolivar Board of Aldermen eagerly adopted the 2010 Bolivar Comprehensive Plan.  Today the Comprehensive Plan guides the City in not only zoning decisions, but also in many other municipal departmental decisions including, but not limited to, transportation, public safety and public recreation.

2010 Bolivar Comprehensive Plan Vision Statement

“Bolivar is a community – one of neighbors, character, identity, strong heritage and faith.  We are a community of enterprise, rich with opportunities in healthcare, education and business.  Now and in the future, we are committed to being a hub of economic growth and diversity with a high quality of life for all.”

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