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Engine 11

Engine 11 is a 2014 Ferrara MVP built engine on an custom Chassis. It contains a 750 gallon tank with a 1750 gpm pump. It is used as a first out apparatus for fire alarms.


Ladder 12

Ladder 12 is our 2015 Ferrara MVP 77′ aerial . It has a 2000 gallon pump. This truck contains a 300 gallon booster tank and an adjustable waterway.

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Engine 22

Engine 12 is a 1985 3-D fire apparatus on a Duplex chassis with a 1500 gpm pump that contains a 500 gallon tank. This engine was purchased used in 2009.
This engine is equipped as a rescue engine, containing all our rescue tools and airbags.

Engine 13

Engine 13 is a 1999 Precision engine.It has a  1000 gallon tank and a 1500 gpm pump. This apparatus is used primarily for mutual aid response in the community.

fire08 fire09

Chief 1

Chief 1 is a 2006 Durango that was purchased in 2008. This vehicle has a command cabinet in the back equipped for handling large scale incidents.

Brush 14

Brush 14 is a department of Conservation apparatus This brush contains a 300 gallon.


Rescue 14

Rescue 14 is a 2005 Ford 1 ton truck equipped with medical and light extrication equipment. This truck is our response vehicle for medical calls.

Bolivar City Fire Department also has a 15 foot trailer for transporting equipment along with a 29 foot community outreach trailer for smoke evacuation training for schools and groups. BCFD also has a dunk tank available for your special event. Please call for more information.

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